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Our Company


Pierobon Sembradoras

After having gained fame among his friends and customers for his ingenuity, originality and ability Mr Pierobon was asked to set up a farm implement-manufacturing company as a job source serving the community.
That is ho August 1958 saw the birth of Pierobon & Cia. S.R.L.

The first equipment produced was a planter provided with a spooned-rim seed meter disk which fulfilled the expectations mainly of peanut producers from Cordoba.

In the mid-sixties, more demanding customers, a growing competitive market and the need for bettering planting uniformity resulted in the creations of the new planter “Super 66”.

At the same time, the company kept on manufacturing multiple disk harrows, moldboard and disk plows and seeders. By the decade dawn, the planter “PIA” was born, machine which had kept itself in current use for many years.

In the mind-seventies, a new planting system sprang up on Argentine fields: No-tillage. That is why in December 1976 the company decided to adapt a 5-row unit planter to serve the news system. This makes it clear that Pierobon is one of the pioneering companies in the productions of no-tillage devices and farm machines in Argentine.

Historia Pierobon Sembraoras

In the eighties, the company devoted all its productive capability to manufacturing seeders and planters for conventional tillage.

In the early nineties, the popularity gained by no-tillage system added to the experience the company had accumulated gave birth to the successful “MIX”, a planter for small/coarse grains and pasture seeds with fertilizer application.

In 1995 the company became Pierobon S.A.

Along its commercial history the company has been able to understand and satisfy farmer’s needs: fact which is made evident in every single model of seeders and planter that composes it wide range of seeding equipment.

Since 1999 Pierobon S.A. has been introducing different options into the farm machinery market:

  • MD 19, MD21.
  • TD 21.
  • MIX 1B, MIX 3B, MIX 3B.
  • TURBOSEM 21-52.

The company commercializes its implements through a wide distribution network in Argentine as well as bordering countries ensuring a prompt contact with de customer.
Product wuality and efficient after-sales service keep on being the company’s main principles.

Historia Pierobon Sembradoras

Research, permanent development and innovation have made Pierobon S.A. stand out in the market due to its complete line of seeders and planters. This has allowed the company to be awarded several times:
September 1994: Technological Development Award “Gobernador Brigadier Mayor Juan Ignacio San Martin” by the government of the province of Cordoba-Ministy of Industry and International Trade, merited for the modern technology introduced to its range of products.

2007 Special Mention for Entrepreneurial Experience by the Ministry of Labor and Production of the province of Cordoba.

After fifty years the company continues to be guided by the same core values demonstrated by its founders.